Friday, 19 February 2010

Fashion for Relief Haiti

LFW started with Naomi Campbells Fashion for Relief in aid of the Haiti disaster. Designs from Alexander McQueen, Mark Fast, Vivienne Westwood, Dolce & Gabbana, Jenny Packham, Ungaro, Burberry and more all made their way down the catwalk, accessorised with jewels by Stephen Webster all available to buy from Net-a-Porter from March 15th.

A celeb-crammed catwalk included fellow carrot tops Nicola Roberts and Geri Halliwell, Dame Shirley Bassey, Yasmin Le Bon, a preggers Denise Van Outen, David Walliams and James Corden - who shared a passionate smooch after strutting their stuff!

Oh gosh I wish i was there now...instead I'm watching Jeremy Chuffing Kyle.

Kate Moss (Kates second appearance on the catwalk in 6 years!...she is looking a bit on the rough side if you ask me....which i do!) Annabelle Neilson and Naomi Campbell pose in Alexander McQueen designs at Fashion for Relief Haiti

Classic model stacking it! I love it!

pothole gardens

I saw this on 'A cup of Jo' this morning. 3 reasons why it got my attention, no.1 - clever and beautiful at the same time, no.2 - go on you British artist! no.3 - as a driver i am affected by the recent increase in pothole aka craters due to the cold 'burrr' weather, which is causing my car, Lilly, harm as well as giving me a headache from passengers in the car telling me to be careful....i know i know!

Introducing Pete Dunget

Although it may end up looking like road kill by the end of the day!

London Fashion Week

LFW kicks off this fair morn paying tribute to Lee McQueen. Notes with messages to and about the designer can be pinned onto a wall at Somerset House. A selection of these notes will be given to his family after the event. French luxe company PPR announced it would continue running the Alexander McQueen label.

I will be watching the live stream when I can (Caroline Charles starting in 22 minutes!) at If your at work and sneakily trying to keep a schoolboy in the 1970's listening to the footy on his radio......then this is perfect!

Toodle pip for now!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Giles Deacon LFW/PFW SS10

Watch out London!!! Rabbit is hopping down for the next 2 weeks! With London Fashion Week starting tomorrow and Paris Fashion Week 2nd-10th March, I'm off down to help prep for the shows! How exciting!!! I shall keep you guys updated with behind the scenes gossip and fashion lovliness.

Need to start packing...

Matryoshka Dolls

For Vogue Russias 10th birthday, they celebrated by making these Designer Matryoshka dolls. The 10 year old inside me wants to play with them and the 24 year old soft-furnishing lover wants them for my corner cabinet to be adored by everyone who visits! Handcrafted & painted according to the designers sketches, the 30 Russian Matryoshkas Dolls measure 60×60x60 and were auctioned off for charity. My fraves are the Gucci and Moschino dollies.

lomo's coming home

yey! i got the e-mail yesterday and its on it way back to me

right rabbit a day out is required pronto so i can take photos of your pretty face

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

shrove tuesday

aka pancake morning didn't allow enough time for a pancake breakfast. After calling my mum from work asking her not to make dinner for me cause 'i was going to eat pancakes for dinner!' I did. Two savory (cheese, tomato, mushrooms and spring onions) and one sweet (canadian maple syrup baby!)

oh my gosh - yummy in my tummy!

Pancake Day is a good day

I'm pregnant....with a pancake baby!!! Boom! I start to get excited when I see valentines day on the calander because that means pancake day is just around the corner! I managed three this year (there is still 2 left in the stack just looking at me) filling of choice - golden syrup and banana...the supper of Gods! Talking of gods, is Pancake day religious? Uh oh, have I just bought myself a one way ticket to the hot place (and I don't mean Egypt) because I gobbled those pancakes down without a second thought for Jesus?!

Urghh I feel sick.....pass me the syrup won't you?

cardboard love!

Came across cardboardlove on the world wide web. The sweet nothings of a boy in love written onto cardboard. Effortlessly sweet. Hope it brings a bit of sweetness into your day x

Monday, 15 February 2010

Fabulous after forty

Older ladies, worry not! Rabbit is here for all your fashiony needs! Throughout my many moons of designing, you are set with tasks that challenge your abilities, make you question how far you can go and constantly battle the war of commerciality vs individuality. I have cracked young trend...even cracked moany whingey menswear...but now the Olympic level - The older woman.

Oh dear.

A serious struggle, I try and put my 'Gok Wan' head on (it does not fit - far too tight and his glasses are digging in). I have tried to rationalise it, how does my grandma dress...hum, much like my 42 year old mother...OK that wont will I dress when I'm 65? Nope, I'm not sure sequins and leopard print are acceptable on a Tuesday afternoon at the Legion. Hum, back to the drawing board.

Blue rinse, cigarette pants, twin set - CHECK! I'm on it, like a car bonnet!

Monday morning blues (posted at the end of my working day)

Its not a case of waking up on the wrong side of the bed, it started last night when I got into bed wishing it was Saturday so I wouldn’t have to face this Monday. Its not that I didn’t want to come into work, but an uneasy feeling of not feeling content

* I miss the people I love whom I haven’t seen in what seems likes months rather then weeks
* I miss my lomography fisheye camera (aka lomo)
* I miss having the freedom to do my own design work

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Liquid Love

hope you had a romantical valentines day rabbit and readers (if we have any)
Someone very close to me needed blood when she was last in hospital. You always presume a hospital will have blood, and they do, but this blood has to come from somewhere. Did you know only 5 out of 100 people who are able to give blood actually do*. Shocker!
Today me and a few of my friends gave blood for valentines day.

*fact from Also go onto this site to find out if you can and where you can give blood in your area

Aimer le jour

So far, I have had breakfast in bed (2nd time ever!) of nutella on toast and a cup of tea and a super soppy card. No matter how hard I try to pretend, I just cant help loving valentines! I dig the love innit!!! I hope you all have a super day, i'm off to don a totally innapropriate dress, and take the dog for a walk with my loved one. Working up an appitite for a romantic home-made thai curry laters!

Love love love rabbit.

Friday, 12 February 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

Britain (and the world) has lost one of its true gems. My tummy did that horrid flippy thing when I found out McQueen had died, that we are never going to see any of his beautiful collections again...and (selfishly) that i'm never going to get to meet one of my heros. All of my thoughts go out to his family and friends. He will never be forgotten. His work will go on to inspire, influence and captivate people all over the world for years and years to come.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

10th feb - still light outside

its doesn't look like this but it will do before we know - yey!

(photo by mystery)

Hitchhikers guide to unemployment?

So today has to be better than yesterday, the problem with job hunting, you have major up and downs...yesterday was a down-day which resulting in me not getting out of bed unless it was to get snacks and let the dog out for a wee.

Today I will be productive. Today I will not nap. Today I will be a super creative, arty type and do one drawing at least...Yay!!! The postman just came and delievered my haul of books purchased to get me through the next month until I bag the job of the dreams! Firstly the 'Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy' by Douglas Adams, 'Troubles', 'The Siege of Krishnapur' and 'The Hill Station' by J G Farrell and finally 'The Long Song' by Andrea! But when I do, i'll give you the lowdown...

Luckily I have another creative type coming over soon to keep me on the straight and narrow, keep me off the choccie digestives and working on my portfolio. May I just add, this is another 'romance-less' day! I thought this was supposed to be Love Week darn it!?

Oh Gosh, I need a job. 'Statistic' just does not suit me.

Tim Walker

Came across the cover of this book by the photographer, Tim Walker, i love the illustration on it. The inside it just as interesting, i love that every spread is different. the photography is pretty amazing too. enjoy!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Hearts, flowers & Picnic bars

Monday morning blues? Fear not...if you have a super boy/girl in your life (if not - treat yourself!)...its Valentines week, yes week! I have given a few handy tips to help the week of lurrve go smoothly and cost effectively

Valentine Week list:

Rose Day: February 7 (Hand massage with some Kath Kidston rose scented hand cream, alternatively give your loved one a left over Rose sweet you found in your coat pocket from Christmas)
Propose Day: February 8 (I propose your going to do the the dishes)
Chocolate Day: February 9 (Picnic bar from corner shop-and a twirl for good fact, don't forget the transformasnacks - Spicy flavour please)
Teddy Day: February 10 (Teddy...hmmm cushion? Plump my cushion whilst I'm reading...Orr walk the dog)
Promise Day: February 11 (Promise to be a nice boy-go get me another Picnic please)
Hug Day: February 11 (Self explanatory...and free)
Kiss Day: February 13 (As above-mandatory all year round I say!)
Valentines Day: February 14 (Present please, card, flowers...I don't mind Tescos knocky-downs. Compliments a-plenty "ooooh Rabbit, your hair looks super!" A day of gooey slushy lovliness)

And its over, normal Monday blues follow shortly.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Introducing Alfie

So all you blog-watchers/bored workers...This is Alfie, he is a little bit bald, has some identity issues but is sweet as apple pie! I love him as much as any mother can love a son. As you can see here the boy is totally on trend, rocking the nautical look...this season I shall be mostly wearing stripes, red shoes and gold buttons. Mixing highstreet peices with some of my vintage/charity shop finds.

Oh dear

The tech-NO-phobe becomes the techy (is that a correct term?) Anyways it's official, I'm one of the cool kids. I. Have. A. Blog....or co-owner at least.

I am Rabbit, a fashion designer, ginger, lover of life. I dig all things beautiful, creative and tasty, oh and of course my hound-dog (and blog mascot!) Alfie.

This blog is just another way for me to irritate the world(...and Mystery). It will be strawberry jam packed with the day to day ramblings of 2 designers, fashion, art, photography, recipies, creative projects and whatever takes our french fancies! Anyways anyways...I have a chicken to put on, Sunday sofa David Attenborough is not the same without a plate full o'veg and gravy!

mystery & rabbit

Hello world!
this is our blog, created 7th feb 2010
we call each other, we text each other, now this blog is another we can stay in touch!
what you doing? what you eating? what you liking?
(how you feeling?)

i (mystery) and rabbit have know each other since the first day we moved into our first year halls of residence, all girls flat in 2004! our love of bridget jones diary (no.1) lead to friendship at first sight!

blogging great!

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