Thursday, 29 July 2010

Beauty bar

Chocolate from Dubai, tagline: Dark chocolate formulated to make you feel gorgeous...
...on the inside
love the inside wrapper

The Future of Publishing - created by DK (UK)

Mehndi Party!

After many years of being free and easy I have a paid mehndi (henna) job last night. It started at 7.00pm and finished at 12.30am. My fingers are fine but my back is unhappy. It was fun, and I think the client was happy... Anything to keep the creative juices flowing and breaking the norm routine. This is the brides sisters hand, lots of pressure! But she loved it. Second hand tonight. So what shall I do with your wonga (money) I’m thinking of investing it into another creative outlet...maybe a course in pattern-cutting and garment making (£63.00) a kitchen aid mixer (£200) oh the possibilities! But from the money I made yesterday a few more paid mehndi jobs are required, for the mixer, a thousand more jobs!
Hopefully last night will lead me to a few more paid jobs. Anyone?

Take me away...please

I need a break, a proper one! Too much work/partying/running around. I need a time out - wherever this is would be perfect! A cocktail or two...a good book, sat here watching the sun go down...sadly I'll have to do with a bath, painting my nails and an early night to try and revitalise this worn out bunny!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

candy banana


feathers of birds

There's something about feathers that I just love....the detail, the colours, how majestic they are.
I hardly wear them but I may change this the next I get invited to a fancy dress party

Image via texturism

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

happy birthday rabbit

...::: xxx XXX xxx :::...
.....:::love you load birthday girl!:::.....
love Capenter, the WHOLE carpenter family and mr.someone special
...::: xxx XXX xxx :::...

Happy ruddy birthday!

So I fought it, but it won, I am indeed 25 years old. I had an amazing party on Saturday with friends and my little bunny sister, everyone made me feel 21 again! Dancing, drinks, wrestling and more dancing! Cards and presents this morning before I dashed off to work, gotta earn the pennies to put beautiful shoes on my feetsies! Obligatory curry this evening and work drinks tomorrow, for someone who wanted to ignore my birthday, a lot of celebrating has taken place!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Rabbit meets Ricky!

Today has been the best day!!! First of all my birthday boots arrived are a beautiful! Then I have been feeling super creative! Then a Pug birthday balloon arrives in the post to my work, THEN I MET RICKY GERVAIS!!! In my work restaurant!!! He is on of my comedy Idols and it made my legs shake meeting him in the flesh! He was really lovely and looking very buff I must say! You can see from the photo that he is no longer a 'chunky little fu*$er'!

This weekend is going to be great, I can feel it in my ears!


This bunny is loving the gold Jewellery by Dogeared. Particularly the 'karma ring' necklace and matching bracelet and this wishbone pendant...maybe my next treat to me? I do work hard after all! I usually find it difficult finding interesting/quirky jewellery in gold, I want a necklace that i can wear all the time a goes with my beloved charm bracelet. The wishbone would be fitting...I do like chicken....

Dogeared Wishbone Charm Pendant £45.00

flowers on the wall please

what do you think rabbit, i love it. lets buy a house and floralise it!found it via 'cup of jo'

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Supermarket Sarah

I was recommended this super cool site by a work pal, I really love all the random objet d'art, home furnishings and accessories. She set up her shop in her home around the corner from Portobello Market where she has a stall. It links to lots of other designers and artists selling their wears. I particularly love the Peter Ibruegger Naughty Plate 'Hunting' - £75. But not sure if Carpenter would do a mental if I put it on here! I'm going to hop down and see what delights I can find!

In mourning

Just to add to the melodrama - I'm wearing black (black lace to be precise!) at my birthday party - to mourn my lost youth!

It's my party and i'll cry if I want to

Call me dramatic...but I do not want to turn 25. Saying that, I don't wanna die....but maybe just stay 24? Or 22, yes I like 22. That would be nice.

My neurosis seems to be multiplied ridiculously - all because of a number. Twenty. Five. When i turned 21 I decided to become a lady, which involved stopping biting my nails...I have kept up the lady-ness (well my nails are still long!) And I have now decided to commemorate turning this dreaded number with becoming a woman, I have joined a gym to combat this 'mid twenty spread' round people talk about...I'm only 5 ft 2, I don't want to be wider than I am tall! I moisturise like a mad woman. No inch of skin is left uncreamed! I'm even using anti-aging creams/toners/cleansers...or de-creasing as I like to call it. I have become obsessive with my eyes, my hair, bingo wings, early menopause, babies - or lack of babies, am I going to dry up? How naked in acceptable on a night out, is it OK to booty shake in front of people I don't know?....Oh no, I fear this next week is gonna be full of age related ranting. For that I apologise in advance.

Love from, An old haggered Rabbit x

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Have your cake and eat it

I really love this behind the scenes shoot from a Music video by the LA based The [AUDIO] girls. The Marie Antoinette theme is elegant and dramatic...with a good old fashioned food fight thrown in. All of the pastel shades are a massive trend at the moment, but the structured period dress is a huge contrast from the Jersey and lace peices on the highstreet at the moment. Bryan Hearn made all of the costumes in a week whilst he was studying at Fashion Institue of Design and Technology in LA. He now has his own labels and has done some costumes for Gaga.

Monday, 19 July 2010

flowers in the

Hats off to all who can be bothered to do's a serious chore in my eyes!
photos my carpenter

Trend watch

Current trend on the high street sitting alongside the maxi dress & skirt is the super wide trouser, Topshop have done a beautiful cream floral pair. I have found a pair of floral navy beauties in a charity shop (a snip at £2). I may brave them tomorrow...lets wait and see...

Living in a bubble

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Will it rain for 40 days and 40 nights?

Word on the street is, if it rains today, it will rain for 40 days and 40 nights, and guess what? It's raining!!! Brilliant!!! It has rained on my birtday the last three years...please let me have a year off! Or my plans shall be scuppered!

A bit of History for you! Let's call it History Thursday!

St. Swithin was an early Saxon Bishop of Winchester who died in 861 AD and legend says that as he lay on his deathbed, he asked to be buried in the common graveyard, “where the rain would fall on him and the feet of ordinary men could pass over him.” For nine years, his wishes were followed, but then, the monks of Winchester attempted to remove his remains to a splendid shrine.

The work began on July 15th, but it couldn’t be finished then, or for many years afterwards. Torrential rains prevented it on the first day and these continued for forty days and forty nights. It was said that St. Swithin, who had detested any outward display or ostentation, was weeping in protest.

The countryside was flooded and the monks beseeched St. Swithin to intercede for them. It’s said that he appeared to one of his monks and revealed to him how displeasing it was to God to spend their time in useless expenditures of time and money which might easily be spent with more advantage in the relief of the poor and needy; he also forbade the monks to ever interfere with his remains thereafter.

In AD 963, the work on the mausoleum was finally completed, but, by then, the legend of St. Swithin as a rain-saint was firmly established.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My feet

This week at Wireless Festival at Hyde park, managed to blag some free VIP tickets, only got to see Temper Trap and Pink - Pink was surprisingly good, and not just for lesbians!!!

loving this colourfulness

found on ffffound


i like this a lot...
i found it here...
which took me to here...
which bought me to Keri...

I really like here photo stream...i'm inspired! watch this space!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

27th July 1985

My quarter of a century is sadly fast approaching, I am on the search for things that happened on the 27th July 1985 - or even throughout the years to celebrate the birth of a darn tooting cool Rabbit!

On the 27th July 1985 it was Disneylands 30th year Anniversary, as my mum was pushing me out there would of been a gaggle of Mickey and Minnie impersonators partying like it was 1999! or 1985....

Rabbit wants...

Just had a sneaky peak at August Vogue and I loving this power blue knit! I don't know who it is by, but my guess is that it will be out of my price range! Need to look for a highstreet alternative...

All you need is

going to India

I'm going to India in three weeks for 10 days with the family....we are going to the state of Gujarat. So excited!

Came across this on ffffound. Went on to the artists website to read that this was commissioned by a carpenter family somewhere in the US of A.
Click here to read more.

Monday, 12 July 2010

New bed

Hoorah! After 3 months of sleeping on then move into my new room with a broken bed, I have finally got a new bed! What a wonder a good nights sleep does!! I have now realised how much I love interior design and miss having a house to dress up!! I seems i dress up anything that sits still for long enough...babies, boyfriends, dogs, the garden and my house! But alas, I now only have a bedroom, and myself of course! I want to make my room into a little haven in London. I love all the use of mixed textiles in the images below, contrasting antiques with new furnishing, being the pillow-aholic that I am i think I'm going to get myself down Berwick street and get creative....maybe some 1950's pin-up bunting or retro quilting?

I'm out of post-its!

Friday, 9 July 2010

The joy of cycling

Next week i vow to take my beautiful bike Valerie out for a ride down the Hackney marshes.

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