Thursday, 16 June 2011

giving blood

Its been over a year, but I finally gave blood again. I bumped into one of my uncles there who had just received a bronze award for giving blood. He’s been giving blood since he was 18! Wow!
There was a girl who joined us, at first we thought she was so nervous about giving blood that she started listening to her ipod, she was actually listening to a religious chant, something that my God said should be done when giving blood. Your thoughts and vibrations are in the blood and so when someone else receives your blood they receive your thoughts and vibrations...this religious chant is known to have healing properties.

Its a shame I didn’t know this when I was giving blood, I was thinking about the person who will receive my blood in the future may find that he/she suddenly feels hungry....sorry!

Good to know for next time....hopefully next year....6 months after my trip to Canada.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011


How amazing does this cake look? influenced by Stella McCartney .... via poppytalk via Apollinas

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