Thursday, 29 April 2010

23rd April 2010

It was my 25th birthday.

Of course I booked the day off and spent it with Mr. Someone special. In the past we had jumped on a train to London town only having jumped back on after being able to squeeze in attraction and a fancy lunch, so this time when planning I decided to stay local, to do lots and start early.
We started with the gym, its the place I dislike the most, but with a friend it was much more fun. Dunelm for a fruit and plain toast breakfast-yum! Where my big sister and the baby came to say hello. Then 30mins of go-karting....where someone special beat me in both rounds, then we drove to Nottingham whilst listening to the Glee soundtrack. There we started of with a bit of birthday present shopping, a dress and hat, then went to an restaurant,
Tamatanga! oh so yummy and amazing! We ate popadoms, tandoori paneer salad, more paneer, aubergine, rusmalia and drank juice/coke

Then we went onto more shopping, shoes (i shall post an image soon) and then came home. It was a great day with mr.special and how i missed him after he had gone! Thank you mr.special! i heart you!

The evening bought on celebration with the family, even more food, and a apple crumble made with the wrong flour. I sadly think this will be forgotten! but great effort from my sister husband.

Gifts included.....a big surprise, ipod touch-i really didn't need or want one, but ok! money, ritual goodies including body cream, handwash and fancy red lippy.

thank you to all x

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Feet First

Meet photographer, tom robinson who takes photos of his and his partners feel wherever they travel around the cute and lovely! From Brighton beach to Thailand to Mexico

Monday, 19 April 2010

14th April 2010 - happy birthday

Happy birthday to my big sister.....a wonderful, caring, loving lady!
I love you loads
Illustration by carpenter

13th April 2010

Not a good got strange today, don't know if a full recovery is possible. People have made decisions and we had to deal with the consequences

cake sky

oh my gosh! oh my gosh! cakes! cakes! cakes! i love cakes! they make my belly happy! oh and what a belly i had! Check this site for a sweet delight!

Monday, 12 April 2010

amazing weekend!

A very spiritual weekend, one that i really couldn't be bothered with, a little prayer in my mind asking for enthusiasm as there was no way i was walking away from this commitment, oh and how my prayer was answerws, 10 fold! Thank you for answering.
two min pointers for me this weekend: 1 - "if he takes you to it, he'll take you through it" 2- 'He will never put you through some he knows you can't get through.' This has given me strength in so may ways - another thank you from the bottom on my heart
flowers by carpenter

Did i tell you what i did over the easter holiday?

Firstly a huge happy birthday to rabbits little sister and a huge thank you for inviting me to spend it with your friends and family. By far the most fun easter bank holiday weekend i've had in a while! And what excitement did this weekend bring!! Rabbit and myself first started out with the road trip, a bit of m&s lunch, going down a toll road (oh sat you treat us mean!) once we did arrive in bridlington we started with pub dinner, next day, petting zoo, chips and curry on the pier, the dodgems, then a birthday night out as a morris dancer, with a pin up girl (rabbit) a geisha, scots man, a greek (birthday girl) a geek (other birthday girl) and many many more! This evening out was followed by easter carvery, taking the dogs for a walk down the beach.

The weekend was full of many other fun activities, but the best thing was spending time with rabbit and the people she loves! Its been a while since we spend proper time together. Good times!
love you rabbit x
photos and illustration by carpenter

Monkey with specs

Reminds me off someone special.
Monkey with glasses!

Via whimsywonder

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