Tuesday, 31 May 2011

fingers crossed!

birthday gift...

my super fella got me a iphone for my birthday....Oh my gosh he treats me!
thank you mr.someone special...i loves you

april 2011

For those who do read and look at this blog SORRY for not blogging over the last four weeks....
I’ve been a bit everywhere – good new, bad news, good times and bad time.

I believe it’s balance.

I celebrated my 26th birthday on the 23rd of April

Next day we received really sad news....my Lord Dear God had left his physical body. Sri Sathya Sai Baba is the shining light that has been in my life, guiding me, keeping me company and truly blessing with with everything in my life. I have been blessed with meeting him, talking to him and being alive whilst He was walking on the earth.
We had a good few days of prayers and religious singing at the temple. It was really comforting to be with my Sai family. With them I’m happy – and I love them so much. I truly feel God has blessed me by allowing me to be part of such a large Sai Family. This bank holiday Monday is the National Memorial and Remembrance Day.
God allows me to continue to serve through graphic design.

On the 29th mr.someone special headed towards London for the Royal Wedding. It was a great day and a good change from the week (above) we enjoyed a 5am start with a drive to Birmigham where we caught our train to London, I had the privilege to sitting in the first class lounge and in the first carriage on the train thanks to mr.someone special’s job...no complaints!
We had a English breakfast whilst moving...and our attendant was funny and charming!

When in London we headed straight toward St.James Park and The Mall....walked amongst those who were there to be part of such a HUGE historical event...and we were there with them!
Really roller coaster of a an April 2011.

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